Massage and postural correction therapy:  Here at The Natural Health Center we provide more than your typical massage.  The basis for our treatments lies within pain treatment and healing as well as developing a strong positive affect on health and wellness. Standard sessions vary in time from 30 to 60 minutes where a postural assessment is being done continually throughout each treatment.  It is the therapist‘s goal to correct any malfunctions rather than just treating the symptoms. For Example: If you are experiencing on-going tightening of the upper back, shoulder and neck areas, it may appear to be caused by those muscles.  In fact those muscles are usually just the symptom.  Our therapists are trained to look for the root of the problem and not just treat the symptom.  In the above scenario the pain is more likely to be coming from rounding of the shoulders and the head being pulled too far forward. In a case such as this a treatment plan would be discussed between the client and therapist concerning the use of corrective therapy techniques to un-round the shoulders and return the head to its normal position.  Half-hour or one-hour therapy.
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