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Today’s environment is not the best—to put it mildly! So what can people do to try and maintain their health within a toxic environment? One of the best ways is by drinking alkalized ionized water.


Taking supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, and allopathic medicines are just a few of the ways people try to maintain their health. But are the supplements, etc, actually being absorbed into the blood stream?


All treatments need one thing in order to work in the way that they were designed to work, and that is a fluid medium. This fluid is WATER, not tea, not coffee, not any other beverage, just WATER.


In theory, the average adult has approximately 10 gallons of water in his body. If you filter your water at home, then you will be getting some of the benefits of exchanging and cleaning the water content within your body. If you do not filter your water, then you are not refreshing and cleaning the body's water content. Just as you would change the oil and oil filter on your car, you must refresh and clean your body’s water content.


Today’s society is in danger of becoming brainwashed if it believes the water supplies are okay even with added chemicals and those that leach into them.  Have you ever thought about the quality of the water you’re drinking and, just as important, the amount of quality water you are drinking? In some areas, the water supply is recycled urine with chemicals added. All tap water has added chlorine in order to sterilize the water; some supplies have fluoride as well.


Our bodies create more acid waste than alkaline waste.Typically, people are at least 70-80% acid and 20-30% alkaline. Eating a vegetarian diet is a way of alkalizing. That’s why people who have had ill health feel better on a vegetarian diet. The foods in a vegetarian diet are primarily alkaline and usually have higher water content.  However, most peoples’ fluid intake is still 50% alkaline. Even bottled or filtered water is still, at best, a neutral pH, which is 50% alkaline.


Distilled water or reverse osmosis water leaches out minerals. So, unless you stay on a vegetarian diet and start to stabilize your internal environment, you will revert back to an overall acidic environment.


Most beverages including some herbal teas are acidic.  Unless your beverage is an alkalized beverage, this will reverse the balance that you are trying to establish. It makes logical sense to drink alkaline ionized water, as our body is approximately 70-80% water and needs proper alkalizing.


Acidity causes dryness. This can be seen in conditions such as arthritis, skin problems, and constipation—the list goes on and on. If you drink enough alkaline ionized water, it will attract acidic ions and carries them out of the body. Remember, most water is 50/50, which makes the water a neutral pH, not alkaline.


Every action has a reaction. Consider the examples of the car oil. In much the same way, we retain sediments that have to be dealt with by the body in one way or another.  If the body can't get rid of the acids, it deposits them in various systems of the body. The weakest system (predisposition) of each person is the main first target. As the body tried to correct itself, various other conditions may be manifested.  The body must have water to release toxins through the excretory system. This is primary in anyone’s health. As an example, think of a flower that has not been watered. It dries up and withers.  One reason why people who are ill and take up exercise in one form or another feel worse the next day is because they have stirred up their sedimentation as well as having created more acidic waste from exercise, even if the exercise has been a passive form of exercise.


Eating and drinking anything causes sediment in one form or another. Do you think that a person with allergies might have a lot of the sedimentation of the product to which they are reacting?


It is a well known fact that most people react to food substances that they like, or to substances to which they have been over exposed. Desensitizing the body to the offending substance switches the body’s immunity to it, but it doesn't take the sedimentation out of the body. This is yet another reason why people can begin a new set of allergies and/or reactions.


If there is nothing to carry the sedimentation out of the body, then the body refuses to do anything until the sediment has settled or has been removed. This is why people who are chronically ill have peaks and troughs of energy. The best medium for carrying these toxins (acids) out of the body is alkalized water.


If the sediment is like a sludge, doesn’t it make sense that a simple, first step would be to dilute it and wash it away before starting any desensitization, supplementation, medicines, or exercise, which would cause a stirring up of the sedimentation? The sludge/sedimentation that is being mobilized by water puts the body in a position of having to rid itself of accumulated waste. Some people are so ill with toxicity that they react to anything, even water. This is because the body has been so dry for so long that it is (for want of a better term) on fire! Simply put, the body is inflamed. People in this condition will feel worse until they get enough water into their system. They should take small amounts of alkaline ionized water and slowly build up their ability to dispose of accumulated acidic waste and sedimentation. This process will not happen overnight. It takes time for the body to dispose the accumulated, acidic waste that has been building up for years.


Healthy cells live in an alkaline environment. Unhealthy cells live in an acidic, accumulated waste environment. Osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and physical therapists are focused on normalizing joint and tissue function. They do this by mobilization of the associated tissues and joints.  The objective of the mobilization is to increase lubrication and movement of a specific area that has become dry. These areas exist because the environment is acidic! Lubrication comes from water. Are people with joint malfunctions drinking enough of the right type of water?   It’s doubtful. 


In the area of nutrition, one of the main problems with the assimilation of nutrients in digestion is either not enough or too much acidity. Alkaline ionized water affects this by providing the stomach mucosa with water so that it can excrete the right amount of hydrochloric acid for food digestion. Alkaline ionized water does not neutralize stomach acid unless food has been eaten, thus prompting the stomach to secret digestive acid. The water is needed and absorbed by the stomach mucosa in order to make the right amount of hydrochloric acid. As an ideal, you should not drink at all with your meals. This upsets the acidic balance in the stomach and so the breakdown of foods. People often take an antacid with their meals, when all they really need to do is to drink alkalized water before they eat.


One glass of alkalized water is equal to three glasses of ordinary or bottled water in its hydration capability. Because of its high hydration capability, alkaline ionized water also provides the pancreas and gall bladder with the ability to neutralize the acid coming from the stomach into the duodenum and small intestine so that it will not cause irritation or ulcerations. One area of the small intestine, called peyers patches, has a lot to do with the immune system and can be damaged by this acidic mixture. If we do not neutralize the acidic contents of the stomach with alkaline ionized water, then we have the makings of an acidic environment, which causes indigestion, malabsorption, inflammation, and other ensuing problems.


A Simple Introduction to Water Ionization

How to Get the Healthiest Water

A water ionizer has two chambers. One is a positive chamber and the other is a negative chamber.  Alkaline minerals in tap water are electrically positive; acid minerals in tap water are electrically negative.  As water passes into the ionizer, these minerals are mixed together until they pass over the chambers.  The positive minerals are attracted into the negative electrode chamber. The negative minerals are attracted into the positive electrode chamber. Basically, this is how the ionizer separates the water into acid and alkaline water, supplying two types of water from one common source. (Water purified through reverse osmosis or distillation is not good for us on a long-term basis. Because there are no minerals in these types of water, it leaches its missing minerals from the body.)


Some ions are not good for us because they are acidic. These acidic ions are separated in the ionization process from the alkaline water.  Only the alkalized water, or IonWays water, contains beneficial mineral ions.  Bacteria cannot survive in alkaline ionized water; however, they can survive in ordinary tap water, unless it is boiled. Even then, the water will still contain some dead bacteria and chemicals.


Filters: There are many types of water filters on the market. We briefly describe their functionality so people will have a basic understanding of how they work. All water filters will need to be changed after a period of time.  Activated carbon filters will remove chlorine and some chemicals, but not fluoride. However, just having a simple carbon cartridge will still allow bacteria to grow in the cartridge. This is one good reason why they should be changed on a regular basis, even if they are not blocked. 

Activated carbon, impregnated with silver, will remove chlorine and some chemicals and also neutralize most bacteria because of the impregnated silver. This is why cowboys used to put a silver bullet in their water to neutralize bacteria and make the water safer to drink. There are no filtration units that remove fluoride completely. Complete removal of fluoride requires distillation.  Purified (reverse osmosis and distilled) water is not alkalized water.  It is important to note that filtration will not alkalize the water. Ours are the finest domestic filters available and at .01M are able to filter out all parasites, bacteria, cysts, and viruses. They also are very effective at removing chlorine plus help to remove fluoride and other harmful chemicals.


Benefits of Alkaline lonized Water


1. Hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, and other adult diseases

Why are all these familiar ailments called “degenerative” or “adult” diseases? The answer is because they are usually acquired with age.

When people are born, their bodies are predominantly alkaline. During the normal process of growth, through eating habits, and through every day activities, the human body acquires and stores excess acid waste that may build up to alarming levels and begin to destroy body tissues and organs. This is, in fact, the cause of most adult diseases, such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. As medical scientists all over the world are finding out, it is the reason why people age. In fact, most people have acidic bodies due to accumulated acidic waste from food, drinks, lack of rest, stress, or pollution that is not completely disposed of by their systems. These acid wastes deplete their bodies of much needed oxygen and create an environment conducive to the growth of disease.


2. Flush out body acids!

Doctors advise taking alkaline minerals to oxygenate cells, neutralize body acids, and restore pH balance. Fresh fruits and veggies are alkaline, but fertilizers and pesticides may make these sources unsafe.


3. lonized water is oxygen rich, bacteria free, and easily hydrates the body.

Provides oxygen ions and ionized alkaline minerals to the cells, dissolving excess fatty acids, cholesterol, and crystalline uric acids.

Acts as a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, and flushes out body acids that cause degenerative diseases.

Alkalizes blood, prevents thickening of the arteries, and improves blood circulation

Helps restore pancreas to produce insulin to neutralize excess blood sugar

Facilitates excretion of body waste products—solves constipation

Promotes natural weight loss—no diet, no exercise, no pills

Slows down aging


4. Overall, alkaline ionized water improves the immune system and the body’s resistance to disease.

A water ionizer byproduct, acidic ionized water, is used externally to:

Make hair shinier

Smooth and tighten skin

Serve as perfect astringent and toner for dry skin

Heal cuts, blisters, relieve eczema, and many other skin problems


5. Water ionizers are recognized as “greatly enhancing health” by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

Water ionizers produce the “water of life,” used for cleansing the body, and helping to prevent acidosis and acid based diseases, e.g. hypertension, gout, diabetes, psoriasis, asthma, cancer, etc.


 Frequently Asked Questions about Water lonizers

1. What is ionization?

Ionization is the process of converting liquids or particles wholly or partly into ions.  It simply means gaining or losing an electron.   Ionized water is water that has undergone the process of ionization through a water ionizer. Ionized water either becomes alkaline or acid, meaning that minerals have been segregated accordingly and the pH has been adjusted up or down.


2. How does a water ionizer produce ionized water?

Water runs through positive and negative electrodes, which ionize the water. It is then separated into alkaline and acid water as it passes through membranes. This is accomplished by separating the water after that it has been "charged" into positive and negative ions.


3. What is pH balance?

The degree of a solution’s alkalinity is measured in terms of a value known as pH, which is the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions. On the pH scale, which ranges from 0 (acid) to 14 (alkaline), a solution is neutral if its pH is 7.


Water is... If the pH is… This contains....

Acid 0 (lowest) Higher H + than OH

Neutral 7 Equal H + and OH

Alkaline 14 (highest) Higher OH-than H +

The body’s pH should be slightly alkaline and should be approximately 7.5 when measured through saliva or urine.


4. What is alkaline ionized water?

Alkaline ionized water is healthy drinking water. It is full of oxygen molecules with an extra electron, also known as hydroxyl ions. Once the hydroxyl ions donate their extra electrons to free radicals (oxygen molecules that are missing one electron), you are left with plenty of productive oxygen.  Alkaline ionized water contains only five to six water molecules per cluster instead of ten to thirteen of conventional water. Its smaller hexagon shaped molecular structure is similar to our DNA. This compatibility promotes cell health and resistance to aging. This "reduced" water is more hydrating than conventional water and is extremely detoxifying. In addition, alkaline ionized water is effective as a powerful antioxidant. People spend a lot of money on antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that cause disease, aging, and cancer. Ionized water is an antioxidant in liquid form that is easily absorbed by the body, making it more effective and powerful than costly antioxidant tablets. 


Our diet is extremely acidic. Soft drinks and fast or processed food deposit acid waste in the body which builds up over time, creating an ideal environment for various diseases to thrive. Cancer patients, for instance, are extremely acidic. This is invariably true with children. If a child is a chronic soft drink consumer, he may end up with a serious disease at a very young age.  Maintaining an alkaline pH (8.5 to 10.5) makes it difficult for degenerative diseases to thrive. It may take years (depending on how acidic your body is), but alkaline ionized water will eventually flush out acid waste.


5. Why should I drink alkaline ionized water?

Drinking alkaline ionized water regularly will:

Give you lots of energy

Wash acid waste (toxins) from the body

Hydrate the body three times more effectively than conventional water

Allow you to absorb nutrients more effectively

Make powders such as flour mix more thoroughly and smoothly

Boil or cool faster than ordinary water

Promote overall health and healing by balancing the body's pH


6. Who should drink alkaline ionized water?

Everyone should drink alkaline ionized water. It is beneficial to some degree to everyone. Athletes, for instance, will benefit from it immensely. Through the regular consumption of alkaline ionized water, an athlete’s blood oxygen level will rise, resulting in increased stamina and endurance, and providing muscle tissue and organs with high amounts of oxygen.  It also gives children great amounts of oxygen, which helps their bodies function efficiently, as is the case with everyone who drinks it. Having extra amounts of oxygen in our blood naturally helps us to fight disease and build up a strong immune system. Since children usually have no accumulated toxins in their bodies, they will suffer none of the ill effects of detoxification such as headaches, diarrhea, etc.


7. How should I drink alkaline ionized water?

Begin at level 1 on the pH selector of your water ionizer and drink 3 to 5 glasses per day. If the water agrees with you, increase the amount of water you drink and the level of ionization intensity.  As the antioxidant effects are more powerful as the pH level rises, you should take your time building up to higher levels. This will depend partly on what kind of physical shape you are in when you start drinking alkaline ionized water. For instance, if you have made a conscious effort to eat well and keep your body detoxified, you can start drinking alkaline ionized water at level three.


If you have been on medication for some time, or live on a diet of processed food, or a diet devoid of fresh fruits or vegetables, you may need to begin drinking alkaline ionized water at level one.  Start by drinking an 8 ounce glass of water slowly. If you do not feel any negative effects, try another glass later in the day. If you still do not feel any negative effects, then move up to the next level in the following days until you reach level four. The stronger the alkaline ionized water you drink, the greater its ability to detoxify your body.


8. Is drinking high intensity, alkaline ionized water advisable?

Yes. Since we spent most of our lives accumulating acid waste within our bodies, we should start drinking alkaline ionized water at the lowest level and slowly work our way up to the highest level.  Alkaline ionized water from a water ionizer has different levels of intensity. If the average person immediately drinks strongly alkaline ionized water, he could suffer headaches or diarrhea due to the water's strong detoxification quality. This is particularly true for elderly people and those who have a very poor diet or have taken a lot of medicine. You will, of course, experience more energy as the ionization intensity increases.


9. Can a person become too alkaline from drinking ionized alkaline water?

People have been known to drink as much as two gallons of ionized alkaline water daily and have greatly benefited from it. On the contrary, the most common imbalance that leads to health problems is too much acidity. The more acidic we are, the greater the chance for disease (such as cancer and arthritis) to flourish. People who are always sick have very low body pH, the sicker they are, the lower their body pH level.


10. Does alkaline ionized water have any negative effects?

Absolutely none—as long as it is used properly. Drink only ionized alkaline water; never drink ionized acid water. So far, no negative effects have been observed from the proper use of ionized water, either alkaline or acidic.


11. What is acid water?

Acid water is full of hydrogen ions and other acidic minerals (phosphorus, sulfur, etc.), which makes it an excellent cleansing and sterilizing agent. This water is for external use only and should never be ingested. Its multitude of benefits includes:

Kills bacteria, especially those found in vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish

Helps heal cuts, blisters, scrapes, and rashes

Provides relief from mosquito bites, bee stings, poison ivy, and poison oak

Makes hair shinier and smoother

Working as a skin astringent, acidic water helps in the treatment of acne, eczema and fungi, like

   athlete's foot. It can also:

Relieve chapped, dry and itchy skin

Effectively remove plaque from teeth, and can be used in lieu of toothpaste

Relieve sore throat and mouth sores when used for gargling

Promotes plant growth and health, especially herbs and wheat grass

Extends the life of cut flowers


12. How does alkaline ionized water taste compared with conventional water?

A common remark regarding the taste of alkaline ionized water is that it tastes smoother and more delicious than conventional water. This is due to the smaller size of the molecular clusters. It also makes better coffee, tea, and juice, and is excellent for cooking because it helps hydrate the food and bring out its flavor. In addition, alkaline ionized water, when compared with regular water, does not make you feel bloated even if you drink a lot of it at once.


13. How long does alkaline ionized water stay ionized?

Though it is recommended that people drink freshly alkaline ionized directly water from a water ionizer, the water can also be stored, preferably in sealed glass bottles, with its properties lasting for as long as:

Properties Approximate life

Antioxidant (hydroxyl ions) 18 to 24 hours

High pH (alkaline properties) 1 to 2 weeks

Smaller molecular cluster size 1 to 3 months




1. High blood pressure

Pro. Kuninaka Hironage, Head of Kuninaka Hospital:  For over 10 years of my experience, my concept toward minerals, especially pertaining to ionic calcium in high blood pressure and other diseases is most significant. In accordance to the theory of medical Professor Gato of Kyushu University on Vitamin K(because vitamin K enables the blood calcium to increase), or the consumption of more ionized water , the effectiveness of the increase in the calcium in high blood pressure is most significant. Too many fats in the diets, which lead to the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessels, which in turn constrict the blood flow, cause most illnesses such as high blood pressure.  By drinking ionized water for a period of 2 to 3 months, the blood pressure should slowly drop, because the ionized water is a good solvent, which dissolves the cholesterol in the blood vessels.


2. Pre-Eclamptic Toxemia

Prof. Watanabe Ifao. Watanabe Hospital Ionized water improves body constituents and ensures effective healing to many illnesses. The uses of ionized water in gynecological patients have proved to be very effective. The main reason for its effectiveness is that this water can neutralize toxins. When given ionized to pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, the results re very significant. During my long years of servicing the pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, I found that the women with preeclamptic toxemia who consumed ionized water tend to deliver healthier babies with stronger muscles. A survey report carried out on babies in this group has intelligence above average.


3. Heart Disease

Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine:  In my opinion, the wonder of ionized water is its ability to neutralize toxins, but it is not a medicine.  The difference is that medicine is specific to each individual case; whereas the ionized water can be consumed generally and its neutralizing power is something which is very unexpected. Now, in brief, let me introduce to you a heart disease case and how it was cured.  The patient was a 35 years old male suffering from vascular heart disease. For 5 years, his health deteriorated. He was in the Setagays Government Hospital for treatment.  During those 5 years, he had been in and out of the hospital 5 to 6 times. He had undergone high tech examinations such as angiogram by injecting VINYL via the vein into the heart. He consulted and sought treatment from many good doctors. Later he underwent a major surgical operation.  Upon his discharge from the hospital, he quit his job to convalesce. However, each time when his illness relapsed, the next attack seemed to be even more severe. Last year, in August, his relatives were in despair and expected he would not live much longer. It so happened at that time that one of the victim's relatives came across an ionized water processor. His illness responded well and he is now on the road to recovery.


In the United States, cardiovascular disease accounts for more than one half of the approximate 2 million deaths occurring each year. It is estimated that optimal conditioning of drinking water could reduce this cardiovascular disease mortality rate by as much as 15 percent in the United States.  From: Report of the Safe Drinking Water Committee of the National Academy of Sciences, 1977.


4. Eczema

Prof. Tamura Tatsuji, Keifuku Rehabilitation Center:  Eczema is used to describe several varieties of skin conditions, which have a number of common features. The exact cause of eczema is not fully understood. In many cases, eczema can be attributed to external irritants.  Let me introduce a patient who recovered from skin disease after consuming the ionized water.  This patient suffered 10 years with eczema and could not be cured effectively, even under specialist treatment. This patient, who is 70 years of age, is the president of a vehicle spare parts company. After the war, his lower limbs suffered acute eczema, which later became chronic. He was repeatedly treated in a specialist skin hospital.  The left limb responded well to treatment, but not so on the right limb. He suffered severe itchiness, which, when scratched, led to bleeding. During the last 10 years, he was seen and treated by many doctors. When I first examined him, his lower limb around the joints was covered with vesicles. Weeping occurred owing to serum exuding from the vesicles.  I advised him to try consuming ionized water. He bought a unit and consumed the ionized water religiously and used the acidic water to bathe the areas. With 2 weeks of treatment the vesicles dried up. The eczema was completely cleared without any relapse after 1 1/2 month.



5. Allergy

Prof. Kuninaka Hironaga, Head of Kuninaka Hospital:  Mr. Yamada, the head of Police Research Institute, suffered from a severe allergy. He was treated repeatedly by a skin specialist, but with no success; then he started consuming ionized water. The allergy responded very well and was soon completely cured. No relapse had occurred. He was most grateful and excited about this treatment.  As for myself, I had also suffered severe allergy. Ever since I began to consume ionized water, the allergy has recovered. Since then, I started a research on the effectiveness of ionized water. I discovered that most allergies are due to acidification of body condition and is also related to consuming too much meat and sugar. In every allergy case, the patient's antioxidant minerals are excessively low which in turn lower the body resistance significantly. The body becomes overly sensitive and develops allergy easily. To stabilize the sensitivity, calcium solution is injected into the veins. Therefore, it is clear that the ionized water has ionic calcium, which can help alleviate allergy.  The ionic calcium not only enhances the heart, urination, and  neutralization of toxins but also controls acidity. It also enhances the digestive system and liver function. This will promote natural healing power and hence increase resistance to allergy. Some special cases of illness, which do not respond to drugs, are found to respond well to ionized water.


6. Digestive System Problems

Prof. Kogure Keizou, Kogure Clinic of Juntendo Hospital:  The stomach is readily upset both by diseases affecting the stomach and by other general illnesses. In addition, any nervous tension or anxiety frequently causes gastric upset, vague symptoms when they are under some strain.  The important role of ionized water in our stomach is to neutralize the secretion and strengthen its functions. Usually, after consuming the ionized water for 1 to 3 minutes, the gastric juice increase to 1 1/2 times. For those suffering from hyperchlorhydria or achlorhydria (low in gastric juice) the presence of ionized water will stimulate the stomach cells to secrete more gastric juice. This in turn enhances digestion and absorption of minerals.  However, for those with hyperchlorhydria (high in gastric juice), the ionized water neutralizes the excessive gastric juice. Hence, it does not create any adverse reaction.  According to the medical lecturer from Maeba University, the pH of the gastric secretion will still remain normal when ionized water is consumed. This proves that ionized water is able to neutralize as well as to stimulate the secretion.


7. Diabetes

Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine:  When I was serving in the Fire Insurance Association, I used to examine many diabetic patients.  Besides treating them with drugs, I provided them with ionized water. After drinking ionized water for one month, 15 diabetic patients were selected and sent to Tokyo University for further testing and observation.  Initially, the more serious patients were a bit apprehensive about the treatment. When the ionized water was consumed for some time, the sugar in the blood and urine ranged from a ratio of 300 mg/l to 2 mg/dc. There was a time where the patient had undergone 5 to 6 blood tests a day and detected to be within normal range. Results also showed that even 1½ hours after meals, the blood sugar and urine ratio was 100 mg/dc 0 mg/dc. The sugar in the urine has completely disappeared.


Note: More Americans than ever before are suffering from diabetes, with the number of new cases averaging almost 800,000 each year. The disease has steadily increased in the United States since 1980, and in 1998, 16 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes (10. million diagnosed, 5.4 million undiagnosed). Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, and more than 193,000 died from the disease and its related complication in 1996. The greatest increase (76 percent) occurred in people age 30 to 35. From: U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, October 13, 2000 Fact Sheet.



8. Obesity

Prof. Hatori Tasutaroo, Head of Akajiuiji Blood Centre, Yokohama Hospital, Faitama District:  Due to a higher standard of living, our eating habits have changed. We consume too much protein, fat, and sugar. The excess fat and carbohydrates are stored in the body as fat. Today, Americans are more extravagant with their food compared to the Japanese. Due to this excessive intake of food, obesity is a significant problem. Approximately one out of five males and one out of four females are obese.  The degree of "burn-out" in food intake largely depends on the amount of vitamins and minerals we take in. When excessive intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats occur, the requirement for vitamins and minerals increases. However, there is not much research carried out pertaining to the importance of vitamins and minerals.

Nowadays, many people suffer from acidification that leads to diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, liver and kidney disease. If our food intake can be completely burned off, then there will be no deposit of fat. Obviously, there will be no acidification problem and hence there should not be any sign of obesity.  Ionized water contains an abundance of ionic calcium. This ionic calcium helps in the "burn-off" process. By drinking ionized water, it provides sufficient minerals for our body. As a result, we do not need to watch our diet to stay slim. Hence, ionized water is a savior for those suffering from obesity and many adult diseases, providing good assistance in enhancing hood health.




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Dr. Zoltan P. Rona is a graduate of McGil University Medical School (1977) and has a Master's Degree in

Biochemistry and Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut (1985). He is the

author of the Canadian bestsellers, "The Joy of Health" and "Return to the Joy of Health." He is a past

president of the Canadian Holistic Medical Association and is a consultant on nutritional medicine to the

Motherisk Program of the Department of Pharmacology of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children.

Born 22/2/51 in Budapest, Hungary, raised in Montreal, Quebec. Canadian citizen.


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