I have lost 20 pounds using your information... Thank you.

– Mary

My husband and I began the Daily 7 program about 3 weeks ago and

have been noticing some BIG changes, in him more than me, but we are

both getting great results. Just thought you'd like to know. God bless

you in all that you’re doing to help Americans become healthy.

Dr. Cornwell, Trenton, FL

 We thank you so much for all your effort in putting together the DAILY

7. We have been using herbs now for 6-7 years, and have seen great

results thus far. However, we feel like we have just been randomly

taking care of bits and pieces of our health. I was so thankful when I

came across your workbook, which organizes it in the very steps we

need. Thank you. We are hoping the Lord opens many doors for us to

share this information. May God continue to bless you and your work!

Karen W., Cogan Station, PA

My daughter has lost 10 pounds in one month’s time and she is feeling

so much better. Thank you again for your encouragement and your

sensible way of teaching. It is so simple, even I can teach it.


Thanks, I'm very impressed with your program and have lost the ten

pounds I had given up on.

– Jeanette B., Maryville, MO


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