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This device is sold for in home use as well as to other health practitioners. 


How does the EPFX/SCIO work?

The client is connected to the computer system via the head, ankle and wrist harnesses. In 3 1/2 minutes the device runs the frequencies of over 10,000 natural and homeopathic remedies to the client and then monitors any physiological changes that occur with each individual remedy. The frequencies that the client resonates with are then registered back to the computer in a full color display. The types of remedies that the client resonates with are significant clues to the health of the individual. After the 3 1/2 minute test is over the therapist can then select hundreds of different types of therapies to help unblock the stresses within the clients body. The treatments are very relaxing and completely non-invasive.

What does the EPFX actually do?

The EPFX scans the client's body like a virus-scan on a computer, looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. It reports on the biologic reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. The information provided by the EPFX is fundamentally different from X-rays, blood tests, etc., as it tells us about the energetic state of one's body and the direction in which the body is focusing its energy. During testing, the EPFX device resonates with thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one/one hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which the body reacts.


How is the EPFX different than similar devices?

Many Devices are only one-way communications and do not alter the course of therapy with client progress. Also many devices don't give therapies, just remedies which have to be individually purchased.The EPFX (Known as the SCIO in Europe) is a highly sophisticated program with sensors attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead that measure and feed resonance information between the EPFX and the client. The ionic exchanges of reaction that take place in your body and brain (at 1/100 of a second) are measured as energetic components in your body. With a feedback loop, the device measures your resonance pulse and sends back an alternate pulse to which your body responds. In turn, your body alters its own reactance pulse, thus creating a change. For example, from pain to no pain, malignant to benign, compulsive to anxiety-free, imbalance to balance.Unlike the other devices on the market the 'autofocus' function, the EPFX can adjust bio-feedback therapies to ensure and constantly adjust the correct settings during therapy. The EPFX is an Evoked Potential Bio-Feedback Device. This function eliminates the need for expert knowledge about rife, bio-com and electro-acupuncture.al
How does the EPFX help?
The EPFX basically outlines anything that is affecting the health and wellness of the client. For example, if someone has digestive trouble, the EPFX may show that they had salmonella as a child, which is still causing them problems. Reactions to various types of foods, chemicals, and other substances are revealed and can be further investigated by interviewing the client and by visiting other programs and screens within the EPFX program to locate patterns and more clues.

So you just use the EPFX to identify problem areas?

Actually, it's more than just a stress detection tool. There are so many programs on the EPFX, which after measuring the body's frequencies, also feeds back its own frequencies to re-address or neutralize destructive wave patterns. In some cases it may add a frequency, in others reverse it to either enhance or counteract the body's own resonances The EPFX does not just reveal negative aspects of the body but the positive aspects in conjunction. However, in attempting to improve and revitalize health, we tend to focus more on the negative aspects, so that they can be re-addressed.


How does the EPFX try to revitalize the body?
As the EPFX has been devised using the principles of Quantum Physics, that question is easily asked than answered. Basically, during treatment, the EPFX measures the body's resonance/reactance pattern and determines what benefit has occurred in the time period since the last measurement (less than a second earlier). If there has not been an improvement, the input resonance is altered. It maintains each beneficial setting as long as it is helping and changes it as soon as it is no longer useful.
Can you use the EPFX on children?
The EPFX is ideally suited for children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate why they are suffering. For example, many children suffering from behavioral problems have seen considerable improvements, as the EPFX unearthed contributing factors, such as food intolerance.
Can you use the EPFX on animals/pets?
YES, animals are unable to communicate with us in the most obvious of ways, although it may be apparent that they are suffering both from physical and psychological problems. Pet owners have seen vast improvement in the behavior and increased vitality of their pets.


Additional EPFX Functions

---EPFX Animal Testing: There are specific programs within the EPFX for animal testing. Extensions to the harness with a quick break connection are available as are Animal Pads in which the animal would lay upon.

---Ability to create homeopathic remedies: Each item you find in the test matrix of the EPFX can be digitally exported and ultimately 'imprinted' into a homeopathic carrier. This is all done through your computer and the EPFX device test plate.

---'Subspace' Operation: The EPFX has a built-in facility which allows it to perform even without the harness. This radionic equivalent mode enables distant testing and therapy. It also is an alternative method to use in the case of electrically sensitive clients and those with pacemakers.


Why Purchase the EPFX/SCIO over other energetic devices?

Those that are familiar with other similar types of machines will understand the tremendous technological advancement represented by the EPFX.
---It is without question the most advanced bioresonant device available.

---Unlike single resistance measuring devices such as point-probe machines the EPFX's accuracy is based on its ability to establish a trivector relationship between the client and the tested compound. This offers the practitioner a three dimensional view of the client's current state of health.

---The accuracy of the EPFX's bio-resonance system relies on 20 years of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic and bio-response medicine. The body has shown us that the body is indeed electric; therefore electricalreactivity in the body can be measured via responses to impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance and frequencies.

---The EPFX's device measures sixteen standard electrical parameters of the body beyond just simple resistance. This makes the EPFX unique by comparison with standard point and probe devices, which only measure resistance.

---The EPFX's bio-feedback mechanism has the capability of fine tuning its therapy settings eliminating operator error and maximizing the therapy.

---Unique to the EPFX is its auto focus therapy settings which ensure that pathogens can not mutate and resonate at a different frequency.

---Practitioners around the world have discovered that they can offer therapy to their clients more effectively and grow their practices more quickly with the EPFX than any other device.

---The Subconscious search features makes the software so easy to use. The subconscious of the client will dictate the next therapy suggested instead of the therapist having to try to figure it out.

---Standard energetic therapy devices only offer one-way therapy. EPFX is a two-way system. The EPFX's unique software program allows the computer to
give and receive signals so it can evaluate and alter the therapy as it progresses. This enables the device to change the settings of therapy. Due to this feedback connection, the computer can automatically adjust the following:

    --------------Homoeopathic Therapy

    --------------Rife Frequencies

    --------------Nutritional Therapy

    --------------Scaler and Null Field Therapy

    --------------Allergy Desensitization

    --------------Spinal Energy Therapy

    --------------Bio-resonance like Therapy

    --------------Color Therapy

    --------------Electro Acupuncture Therapy

    --------------Brain Wave Adjustment

    --------------Trivector Adjustment Therapy

    --------------Skin Therapy

    --------------Weight Loss Therapy

    --------------Voice Analysis


    Why purchase a EPFX or upgrade from an old system?

    --- No need to send your clients elsewhere for costly tests. Doing them in-house keeps the profit where it belongs, in your practice. With the EPFX system you don't have to wait for results, you can gain an immediate holistic overview of your client.

    --- The EPFX can pinpoint underlying areas of concern that would normally be missed by standard treatment protocols and therefore offer an insight into your client's current state of health.

    --- Unlike point and probe devices, the EPFX is fully objective, eliminating operator bias.

    --- An average test time of 3 minutes and an average session time of 45 minutes allows you to deal with a 400 per cent increase in data in half the time.

    --- With an entire test centre at your fingertips you can expand your own skills learning more with each new client.

    --- The vast amount of research data contained in the EPFX system offers you hints and reference points to achieve optimal healing for your clients. The EPFX is simple to use and comes with an excellent help manual and tutorial CD-Rom's. In fact the inclusive library of information is an education in itself.

    --- The EPFX system is windows-based and works on any computer system.

    --- The whole thing is so portable you can use it in a client’s home or at on exhibition booth


    Who can use the EPFX?

    EPFX devices are being used worldwide by:

      * Doctors* Kinesiologists * Dentists * Veterinarians * Naturopaths* Chiropractors * Homoeopaths * Acupuncturists * Nutritionists * Research institutes* Massage Therapists* Counselors * Private individuals to take care of themselves and their family members



    Does the price of the EPFX include training and support?


    YES, The Quantum Alliance™ offers many options for training which we are happy to include in the price of purchasing a complete EPFX System. We offer two full weeks of training in one of our schools and unlimited practitioner support via a toll free number. The device also comes with an excellent easy to follow manual and many dvds for enhanced learning.

    Is there any way that I can get financing for my EPFX Device?

    Yes. The Quantum Alliance™ provides a variety of options for financing and will assist you with locating the most appropriate arrangement, if you do not wish to purchase the device outright. The Quantum Alliance™ has helped numerous clients purchase the EPFX with creative "in-house" financing as well. We have dealt with all types of financial scenarios. Just contact us at 970-482-9000 to discuss your individual needs.

How do I purchase?


  • Personal Package - $19,500* (USD)
  • Professional Package - $23,400* (USD)
  • Professional Premium Package - $25,000*
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