CHAPTER FIVE:  Learn to Listen to Your Body


As a child, you used every sense to explore your environment.  You grabbed everything in sight, stopped to listen to sounds, and tasted anything. As most of us grow older we don’t seem to use our senses as much. We become less aware. As adults, we should be aware of not only the external environment, but also the internal environment of our bodies. God created us to be intuitive explorers. He gave us five physical senses and one spiritual sense that we could use to explore our surroundings. Some people have no idea how to regain that intuitiveness, but it can be done.

Every moment of every day, your body is sending a host of messages about what is happening to it. If you are not aware of the initial messages regarding problems, eventually your body will send loud messages in the form of  symptoms. If you don’t pay attention to the symptoms, an illness may begin to form.

We think that the minor symptoms we have are normal because no one has ever taught us otherwise. If your brain says your hand is touching a hot iron, does it make sense to ignore the message and leave your hand on the iron? Think of each of symptom in the same way you would with your hand on an iron. Take quick action with every symptom. Unresolved symptoms lead to illness.

Stress = “Distress”

The modern world has shortened the word “distress” to “stress,” but the impact of being under its influence has increased as humanity races toward the future.  Stress is our unseen enemy because it sets in motion a series of actions and reactions that are normally reserved for when the body is in danger. Dr. Hugo Rodier says that stress leads to inflammation in our bodies, mostly in the form of excessive output of adrenal hormones like cortisol, the hormone of stress.

Mental Stress

Problems at work or school

High-pressure situations


Emotional Stress

Family struggles

Marriage, divorce, moving, changing jobs, children

Grief or loss

Past hurts that are unforgiven

Physical Stress

Sports or other injuries



Always on the go

Lack of sleep

Illness, disease

Poor posture

Environmental Stress

Air pollution


Preservatives and additives in our foods

Toxic chemicals

Water pollution

Fluorescent lighting, computer emf’s

Spiritual Stress

Unrest in beliefs

Anger toward God

Problems or overinvolvement at church

Unresolved issues

Spiritual battles

Unfulfilled dreams

Nutritional Stress

Not digesting food

Not absorbing nutrients

Not eliminating waste

Think of your health as an onion. Deep inside you is an inner core of health, which is how you feel when you are completely healthy. Every time you experience distress, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, a layer of stress is added over your inner core of health.

Imbalance Contributes to Ill Health

Picture a balance beam in your mind. When everything in your life is in balance, you can easily walk down the middle of the beam. Life is easy and enjoyable. Now imagine walking down the beam with a 25-pound weight in one hand held away from your body. Balancing is not as easy. Your emotions, mental attitudes, nutrition, relationships, spirituality, habits, chemical exposure, and so on, can pull you off balance when they are either over or under emphasized in your life. Too much of anything, even if it is something good, can cause your life to be imbalanced.

Most programs will tell you to stop doing this or don’t do that. The DAILY 7 is different. The DAILY 7 is about freedom and bringing balance to your life. When some aspect of your life is out of balance, that imbalance usually has the greatest impact on your health. This is one of the reasons why there is never one set way to tell someone how to recover health. The person who is experiencing the health problem is the one who can best make sense of the factors contributing to the illness. An individual is made up of many different components and all of those components need to be considered in order to restore health and proper weight.

Are You In Balance?

One way to determine if your life is in balance is to identify the elements that may be pulling you one way or the other. Write a list of the top 10 things in your life that are not in balance. 

 Here are some examples of things that might cause an imbalance: not getting enough sleep, drinking too many cups of coffee a day, always worrying, not getting enough exercise, getting too much exercise, working too many hours per day, not working enough to provide a decent income for yourself, smoking too many cigarettes, not participating in activities that bring joy, taking care of everyone else while not doing anything to take care of yourself, watching too much television, eating too many sweets, drinking too much alcohol, and overeating. Think about what you struggle with, including attitudes, emotions, relationships, and stress.

Determine What Is Out Of Balance?

Notice how the preceding list says things like, “drinking too many cups of coffee,” instead of “drinking coffee.” Most nutrition programs will give you a very long list of things you should not do. Let’s look at one example of why that may not be the best approach.

Consider a woman in her 40’s who has one cup of coffee per day, works 10-12 hours per day, gets no exercise, lives on sweets all day long, has not had a vacation in 10 years, and spends a lot of her energy arguing with her teenagers.  Would you agree that she has other things in her life that she needs to get in balance before giving up the one cup of coffee per day? She may never need to give up that one cup of coffee per day if she can get the other things in balance. One cup of coffee per day is not enough to pull most people off balance.

Attitude is everything. Your mental attitudes may be influencing your sense of balance. What would cause this person to feel the need to work 10-12 hours per day? Why don’t they want to get any exercise? Is it because she exercised one time and got hurt? Is it because she does not know which exercise is the right one for her or does not recognize the importance of exercise for good health and proper weight?

Perhaps the reason she is driven to work so hard is because she always has a sense of wanting to be done with everything each day. Unfinished projects may bother her because of a perfectionistic attitude that she witnessed as a child from her parents. In order to get that back in balance, she would need to find peace in unfinished projects and be satisfied and proud of the work she did accomplish.  Perhaps she does not have any fun hobbies in her life. When nothing else but work is fun and she enjoys her work, work can consume every waking thought.  Eventually, the work starts to feel overwhelming and her health will suffer because of the imbalance.  You may have the exact opposite problem. Maybe you don’t work hard enough, maybe you are spending too many hours watching television or playing golf and not accomplishing things in your life that you know would be beneficial to yourself and to those you love.

It’s all about balance. You can use this balance idea in every decision you make.  For example, suppose you choose to eat a cookie. If you have not had a cookie or lots of other sweets in several days, today’s cookie will not negatively affect your balance. However, if you have had lots of other sugar in the past few days, that cookie may be just enough to imbalance your health. You would be wise to make a healthier food choice.

  You would be even wiser to ask yourself why you have had so many sweets in the past few days. Was it because you did not take the time to make healthy meals and your body is craving any easy food it can get? Was it because you are emotionally upset at someone and you have a tendency to eat junk food to help you feel better? Determine the reasons why you are out of balance and it will help you return back to balance.

Maintaining Balance

As you regain your health, you will find it easier to keep your life in balance. To give you an example, if you have a patch of dead grass on your lawn, you will need to water that dead patch more than the green grass. When it turns green again, you will only need to water it for maintenance. However, it is important to note that if the stressed patch of grass is always drying out because of extra exposure to the sun compared to the rest of the lawn, then it will always require extra water and care. This is true with any area of your life. If you have an area that is radically out of balance, then it will need extra care until you bring it back into balance. You do have a choice and can take action to balance most things. An example would be that if your colon has not been working right for years, you might need to take lots of digestion and intestinal products to relieve the distress.

As it begins working correctly, you can drop down to a maintenance amount of nutrients. If you continue to eat poorly and keep clogging your colon then you will always need lots of digestion and intestinal products.

Make Healthier Choices While Still Enjoying Life

If you are very sick or have multiple health concerns, you may need to make some radical changes for a while in order to restore yourself to a healthy balance.  However, please realize that not everyone must do what you do (or not do what you do not do) in order to regain balance in his or her life. That person most likely has different genetics, stress levels, blood type, injuries, etc. Your way may not be the best way for them. Even when we are getting healthier, life still has to be enjoyable. If you tell people that they are not allowed to do what they enjoy, they will run from you. How will they hear knowledge that could possibly save their life?  Instead, let us offer a message of balance. Be merciful. Each person can work at achieving balance in all areas of their life while continuing to enjoy all that living has to offer.

Instead of telling people what to do or not to do, point them toward the education they need to make their own informed choices. Help them to order their own copy of this workbook and begin their journey to health. Also realize that it takes a lot of diligence and effort to bring our lives back into balance.

D A I L Y   7   H E A L T H   S T E P S :   L E A R N   A N D   L I S T E N

Learn About Your Body

The Truth Will Set You Free – Education

Part of getting back into balance is learning about how your body works. A gymnast must be familiar with not only the balance beam, but also with how her body functions on the beam.

It is very important to understand that a lack of knowledge is probably the leading contributing factor to ill health and weight problems. To counteract this, we strongly suggest that you read and re-read this workbook multiple times until you know this material so well that you could teach someone else.  No one truly knows something well enough until they can accurately teach someone else.


The human body is very complex, but by educating yourself on an on-going basis and taking responsibility for your health, you will quickly be able to see results.

We encourage continual study of all the concepts listed in this workbook. At the very minimum make a 7-month commitment to really work this program. This time period will give you plenty of great results and will motivate you to make this part of your daily routine for the rest of your life. The DAILY 7 is just good common sense supplemented with a full spectrum of enzymes, greens, fiber, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. 

 Personalized health consultations with a Trainer or qualified healthcare provider are also strongly recommended whenever you do not feel confident enough to take care of yourself or your family.

L I S T E N   T O   YOUR   B O D Y

Re-Awaken Your Senses

Re-awakening all of your senses will alert you to physical problems before your body exhibits symptoms. So, how do you go about re-awakening senses? The first thing is to acknowledge the ability you already have for receiving messages from your body. For example, if I placed before you a large plate of fruit, what would you pick first? How many of each fruit would you take? You may think you are selecting purely based on taste, but your body is also intuitively selecting the nutrients it needs within those foods. 

 The next time around, you will probably choose a  different fruit or a different amount because your body has different needs at that time. Our body’s needs change minute by minute based on our internal and external environment. Watch and listen for subtle changes. Your body is telling you what it wants. 

Other messages are sent to our brains by our bodies that do not necessarily involve food. Think about when you feel pain in your side, a tickle in your nose, an itch on your elbow, droopy eyelids, or the urge to go to the bathroom. Those are all messages. What action do you take in response to the messages? What happens if you don’t respond to them?

An Exercise for Listening to Your Body with Your 5 Senses

Being in-tune with your senses is a great way to identify the pieces of your health puzzle.  Your senses are touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing. As you do the following exercise, pay attention to what you are noticing the most.  Can you smell the things we are talking about, can you see in your mind’s eye the images we are describing, etc. Which of your senses are the strongest? Read each sentence slowly and see if you can tune into that sense.

Imagine yourself walking along a beautiful beach. Can you feel how the sand sinks beneath your bare feet? Feel the sea breeze against your skin and smell the salty air. Look around and take everything in. As you look around, you see a large seashell on the shore in front of you. Can you see how the sunlight plays upon the contours of the shell? A warm wave gently touches your feet as you bend over to pick it up. What do the ridges on the shell feel like? Instinctively, you put the shell to your ear and listen for the sound of the sea. Can you hear it? A seagull flies overhead. You follow the flight of the seagull and then notice the interesting formation of the clouds. While gazing at the clouds you hear a voice in the distance. As the person draws nearer, you recognize this person as your dearest friend. After you embrace, your friend spreads a tablecloth on the sand and unpacks a wonderful array of island fruits. You sit down and then look at the fruits. What types of fruit do you see? Your friend gives you the fruit you want and you take a bite. Is the taste sweet or sour? Is the fruit soft or firm? The juice from the fruit runs down your chin as your mouth waters from the taste. You smile with contentment and then hand your friend the shell. 

By using as many of your senses as possible, you will have a clearer picture of what your body is trying to tell you. Remember that you are listening to your body through the senses not through your mind. Your body will tell your mind what it wants. You have most likely become accustomed to your mind telling your body what it should want and instead you need to practice letting your body tell you what it wants. Try not to over-analyze what is happening while you are using your senses. When you increase your awareness of your body’s needs, signs, changes and responses, you will be able to determine such things as:

􀂾 What foods to eat

􀂾 How much food to eat

􀂾 How much sleep to get

􀂾 The intensity of exercise

􀂾 The duration of exercise

􀂾 When your body is in distress

􀂾 How much of a nutrient to take

􀂾 And much more!

Use your intent, intuition and 5 senses to select your supplements and amount that you take

The awesome thing about the 7 supplements we recommend is that they work very well to balance the body no matter what your body is trying to accomplish. How you balance your body with these products will change minute-by-minute based on its current needs and what foods you are eating.

Due to this wonderful ability to use these 7 products for everything, be sure to know what your intentions are when you are scanning your nutrients. Pay attention to your attitude. Do you think you can get well? Do you think you can get a good night’s sleep? Our thoughts are powerful and carry energy that affects our body.  Negative attitudes and emotions can sabotage your body’s efforts to get well.  Positive attitudes and emotions will bring positive results. Sometimes finding the answer is a matter of asking yourself questions like, “What do I think is causing this?” or “What do I think I need to do?” Often, your first intuitive response is accurate.

Prayer should not be discounted either. God knows you even better than you know yourself. He wants you well so always ask Him what He wants you to eat and which supplements He wants you to take.

Let’s look at an example of what your day might bring…

Before breakfast you may scan the products for ones that will not only help digest your food, but will give you energy for the day. Keep a DAILY 7 vitamin box on the kitchen table or wherever you eat your meals at home.  Many people eat in front of the television so we suggest keeping a vitamin box next to your favorite TV chair.

In between breakfast and lunch, you may be starting to feel stressed at work and begin feeling bloated around the middle. Your intention here would be to select products that will empty out your intestinal system and reduce stress. Keep a DAILY 7 vitamin box at work.

You’re in a hurry for lunch, so you run through a drive-thru. You are aware that this is not the healthiest of choices, so you not only select your supplements to help you digest and eliminate that meal, but to also give you added nutrients to compensate for the nutrient deficient food. Keep a DAILY 7 vitamin box in your car, purse or pocket for eating on the go.

Between lunch and dinner, you may be starting to feel like your fighting off an infection, so you’ll select the nutrients that help clean you out and boost your immune system.

Before dinner you may be feeling a little better from the infection, but still not 100%, so you select the nutrients that will help you not only digest your meal, but also continue to fight off the infection.

o Note: The one nutrient we don’t recommend taking past mid- afternoon is the multi-vitamin/mineral because they usually contain B vitamins, which give you energy.

Before bed scan for nutrients that will help you get a good nights sleep.  Again, remember not to take the multi-vitamin/mineral right before bed because it gives you energy. Toward the end of the day we want to start taking things that will calm us down so that we get a good night’s rest.

Use your five senses as you scan


With your DAILY 7 vitamin box in front of you, look at each supplement closely. Which supplement do you want to pick up? Pick that product up. Do you feel better or worse just holding it? If you feel better then pay attention to how many of those supplements you want to pick up so that you feel the best.

You see, when you pick up either a product or a food, the frequency of your body changes, which we will explain a little later on.  With practice you can feel the difference. For example, if your body wants the product, you might feel a sense of relief or you may instinctively draw it to you. If your body does not want the product, you might feel worse or want to push the product away.


As you look at the supplements, which supplements look the most appealing?  Pretend you are looking at a plate of different fruits, which ones would you pick?  As you look over the products again, do your eyes keep returning to one of them? 

 Some people have the sensation of a product “jumping out at them”. You might be drawn to the color of the product Some people will not be able to take their eyes from a particular product or will repeatedly return to it.

Taste and Smell

Be aware that some supplements and foods may not smell or taste good to you even if your body needs them. We have found that when some people first try healthier foods they generally do not want them. This is because our bodies tend to be too acidic. Acidic bodies are drawn to acidic things, like sugar. When your pH is balanced you will find that you will begin to desire healthy foods. Many people have conditioned their bodies to respond to sweetness rather than wholesomeness.  This can and must be changed for optimum health.


Say the product names as you look at each one and see which ones seem to stand out to you as you are saying them.

Listen To Your Body By Tuning Into Frequency

In chemistry class, the teacher used the periodic table to teach us that every element on earth has a frequency. Some frequencies are stronger than others. Even our bodies have a frequency. We are electrical beings! That is why they can use electricity to jump-start a stopped heart or why you get a static electric shock when you walk across the carpet and then touch someone else.  The frequency of the body can be strengthened or weakened by bringing other frequencies into the frequency field of the body.

Feeling Full, Satisfied or Empty

When you want to choose which of the DAILY 7 supplements to take with your meal, keep in mind that the product quantities will change with every meal because your stress is different, your meal is different, or the needs of your body is different.

The “Full, Satisfied, Empty” technique is probably one of the easiest ways to determine which products you need and how many of each to take. Look at, or think about, the food you are about to eat and then open your DAILY 7 pillbox.Using the knowledge that you have gained about each of these products and the starting dosage recommended on the bottle, pick up one or two of each product and hold it next to your body. 

 Nutrients are full of vitamins and minerals that all have either a positive or negative electrical frequency. Bringing these nutrients next to you will change the frequencyin your body by either making you feel stronger or weaker, healthier or sicker, content or too full/too empty. Pay close attention to how you feel before bringing them near you and then how you feel when you are holding them next to you. If you have enough of the right products, you should notice that you feel better, maybe breathe easier, feel less tense, or experience less pain.

How do I know if I need more of the digestion, absorption, and intestinal cleansing products?

If you feel bloated just looking at the food and feel like it would be hard to digest, then you would need to take more of the first four products (enzymes, greens, fiber and probiotics.) Taking enough of these four products makes your body feel lighter and less “stuffed and tight” feeling, especially in the middle section of your body including your entire tummy and low back area.

How do I know if I need more of the 3 Mega-nutrients?

If the meal you are about to eat is not nutritious because it is mostly cooked, or pre-made processed food instead of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and healthy meats, then you will need to take more of the last three products. The last three products are the multi vitamin/mineral, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that supply mega-nutrients.

How it works: Put the four products in your hand, then look at the food and see if you feel full or bloated. If you do, take more of the first four products. If you feel the food is not the healthiest of meals, then take more of the last three products.

Continue to adjust the amount of each product in your hand until you feel satisfied and healthier holding it next to your body. You already do this when you drink water. If you had just finished a large glass of water and someone offered you more, you would look at the water or think about it and immediately feel bloated and say, “No thanks, I’m too full of water already.” If you needed water and someone offered it to you, then you would be empty feeling and thirsting for it. If you had taken in just the right amount of water, then you would feel “satisfied.”

The best part about these products is that they are food-based, rather than chemical-based, so you don’t have to worry about taking too few or too many. Like food, if you take too many, your body will simply eliminate the extra. (An exception is if you do not get enough water with fiber you may feel discomfort in your intestines.)

It seems like I am drawn to a particular product over and over. Does that mean anything?

Yes, it means your body really needs it. If you are repeatedly drawn to a particular product, read through the product’s description to learn what it does that your body needs. Your body may be in the process of removing a layer of past stress or in need of additional help because of your current stress level. For example: You might be drawn to lots of greens everyday because you are always stiff and achy from too much acid in your blood. These needs can change quickly.

Can I use this program with my whole family?

Sure. Everyone can use these same concepts and products, but we all use them differently. That’s what makes this program so unique. Be sensitive to recognize that everyone should eat foods and take supplements according to what they need right then. If possible, people should determine personal needs for themselves.

Can my kids do this program?

Absolutely. Get your kids off to a great start by teaching them the concepts in this book and supplementing their diet with the recommended products. Kids are very intuitive and do a great job at listening to their body. Of course, the smaller they are, the less of each product they will need.

Can my animals use these products?

Once again the answer is yes. We have taught many dogs and cats to select their own products just by letting them smell the vitamin box and seeing which ones they are drawn to. They are very intuitive and will not take something if they don’t need it.

I’m taking several prescription medications for some serious health issues.  Will the DAILY 7 help me?

If you are on prescription medications or have very serious health issues, we strongly encourage you to consult with a doctor who understands and studies natural products in addition to conventional medicine.  Please do not stop taking your medications without involving your doctor.

What if I feel worse for a while?

Enduring a Healing Crisis

Sometimes along the journey to health, we may feel worse before we feel better. This is most likely to happen when you first begin to make healthier choices. Our instincts may tell us that symptoms, such as a dull headache, are “bad” and should be avoided. In truth, the symptoms are part of a complex set of processes the body initiates in order to adjust to the changes in its internal environment. It is cleaning itself out. 

Your baseline of health is what most of us would call “good health” where you feel good most of the time. Then, something happens—a virus attacks you, a genetic weakness kicks in, or you get injured. When you are in the midst of the original struggle, your symptoms are acute, meaning really bad. If your body is able to heal at that point, you can continue along your baseline of health. If, however, your body does not heal, it will go into a chronic, or long-term, state of struggle.The symptoms may not be as bad as when the event first occurred, but they just don’t go away. Over time, if you do not take effective steps toward healing, the chronic condition may deteriorate to disease or even death. 

An interesting phenomenon occurs when we begin the path back to health through taking proactive measures. At first, you will feel better and then the symptoms will return to an acute state. If you continue the proactive steps, the symptoms will subside and healing can occur. This third phase in a healing process is called a “healing crisis.” You actually feel worse before you feel better. Without this knowledge, most people will abandon their proactive steps at the most critical healing point, which causes their body to return to the chronic state. 

Let’s say you have a problem with digestion, namely you get heartburn every time you eat something spicy. At first, you just endure the symptoms or pop a few antacids. As time goes by, you need more and more antacids. Then, you get heartburn every time you eat, whether or not the food is spicy. If you continue in this chronic state, you may develop ulcers or damage to the esophagus (from stomach acid splashing into the esophagus). Poor digestion means the intestines are also strained. Unresolved disease in the stomach or intestines may lead to death. That’s not a good option, right? So, instead of that, you decide to learn how your digestive system functions and address the root of the problem. You take proactive steps to address the source of your problem, such as taking digestive enzymes, greens, fiber, probiotics and making better food choices. At first, your heartburn may feel worse because you are not masking the symptoms.If you stick with the solution, you could see your heartburn disappear. Without heartburn, your digestive organs are not at risk and your intestines will be relieved.  You will once again, at least in terms of digestion, “feel good”.

The same thing can happen with the DAILY 7. When you first start the program, you might feel good. After a while, though, you might start to feel worse because your body may begin to detoxify itself. All those undigested foods and bacteria need to come out. Unless the symptoms are unbearable, you should consider staying with the program to see if what you are experiencing is a healing crisis.  Adjust your foods and supplements accordingly. You may need to drink a lot more water to flush those toxins out of your body. When you start to feel better again, your results will accelerate.

If you experience a detoxification process for more than two weeks or cannot endure the hardship of your symptoms, consult with your Trainer or health care provider for an adjustment in the program to meet your individual needs.

Peeling off the layers one by one to return back to health

Remember our analogy of health being like an onion? Deep inside you is an inner core of health, which is how you feel when you are completely healthy. Every time you experience distress, whether it is physical, emotional, nutritional, or spiritual, a layer of stress is added over your inner core of health. 

Over time, the layers become so deep that we forget what it feels like to be healthy. We no longer feel energetic, healthy, or vibrant. 

To get back to that inner core of health, we must peel away the stress layers, beginning with the ones on the outside and working our way toward the center.Trying to pull an inner layer out will not work. If, for example, your “weight layer” is ten layers deep, trying weight-loss techniques will make you lose your mind instead of pounds. You’ll just be frustrated. The outer layers are putting pressure on the inner layers. 

To relieve that pressure, we must remove the layers sequentially, in the reverse order from which they were formed.

Removing Layers

How are stress layers removed? First, you identify the root cause for the outer layer, then you give your body, mind, or spirit what it needs to heal. When it heals, it peels. Ask yourself the following questions:

What caused this layer to form?

Is this layer rooted in my physical body?

Is this layer from an emotional issue?

Is this layer a spiritual problem?

What do I need to do to heal this layer?

Exciting Results

As outer layers are removed, the inner layers experience less pressure. They become easier to remove. Once you hit the layer where your weight issues began, you will find it much easier to address the root cause of the problem. 

 Someone once said, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.” The same is true with removing stress layers. The closer you get to the inner core of health, the quicker the layers release. The layers near the core are the oldest. The layers on the outside are the newest. Be patient with yourself as you work through the layers. In time, you will feel energetic, healthy, and vibrant again.

Time to Remove Layers

How many layers do you have? Think of all the foods you have not digested, all the toxins that have entered your body, every injury you sustained, every emotional stress you experienced, or every time you had a major life-change. These layers contribute to toxic build-up and malnourishment of body tissues. We need to begin to peel the layers off, one by one, and return our bodies back to health and vitality. 

 The DAILY 7 will help you do that. Reread this workbook multiple times while applying all of the concepts. You will be very pleased with the results.

One More Thought About Weight Issues

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than half of American adults struggle with being over-weight.  Childhood obesity is also on the rise. Billions of dollars are spent on weight-loss products and medical bills, due to weight issues. On the other side of the scale, thousands of people battle with being underweight. Why are we having so many weight problems?

We are not unhealthy because we have weight problems. We have weight problems because we are unhealthy.

As you apply the DAILY 7 concepts to your life and your body begins to heal, it will naturally tend toward optimizing its weight. Even emotionally, the idea of focusing on getting healthy rather than losing weight seems easier to accomplish. A good portion of the weight many people carry is from undigested food particles in the intestinal tract clogging the flow of food through the system. When you flow, weight will go.

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