CHAPTER ONE:  Foundations of Health


Like a house, our bodies will carry on for quite some time if we don’t take good care of them. Eventually, the years of neglect will manifest themselves in the form of illness or discomfort.   Before you begin working on improving your health it is best to evaluate where you are starting from.  People exhibit many symptoms that they think are normal when in deed they are your bodies way of crying for help. 

Print this page and rate the following symptoms you currently experience: 1=mild, 5=moderate, 10=severe

Let’s start by doing an evaluation of your current health state.

__ Trouble judging distance at night __ “Lump” in throat __ Allergies __ Burning/itching eyes __ Gag easily __ Acne __ Get sick frequently

__ Dry mouth, nose __ Ache all over __ Torn cuticles or acne __ Strong light irritates __ Anxiety/Nervousness __ New wart in last six months

__ Watery eyes, nose __ Asthma __ Sleep apnea (not breathing) __ Hoarseness __ Bad breath __ Cracked, chapped or dry lips __ Bronchitis

__ Belching __ Feel tired upon waking up __ Eat when nervous __ Bloating / Gas __ Gums bleed when brushing/flossing __ Hungry between meals

__ Bruise easily __ Get nosebleeds __ Ringing in the ears __ Body odor __ Leg cramps or menstrual cramps __ Blurred vision __ Crave carbs

__ Muscle spasms __ Excessive falling hair __ Cellulite __ Feel nervous or irritable __ Metallic taste in mouth __ Lack of energy

__ Broken bones __ Gallstones __ Cold hands or feet __ Difficulty sleeping well __ Sneezing attacks __ Constipation __ Shooting pains in left arm

__ Nightmares __ Dark eye circles __ Heart attack or stroke __ Eyelids or face twitch __ Depression __ Hands or feet fall asleep easily

__ Fatigue easily __ Diarrhea __ High cholesterol or triglycerides __ Dry or scaly skin __ Dry hair __ Kidney stones __ Weight around hips

__ Hay fever __ Sores in the mouth __ Crave salt __ Hair loss __ Motion sickness __ Weak nails, split __ Headaches __ Poor appetite

__ Brown spots on skin __ Heart problems __ Anemic __ Avoid activity __ Kidney problems __ Failing memory or concentration

__ Legs nervous at night __ High blood pressure __ Sore tongue __ Back pain __ High cholesterol __ Cataracts __ Gas after eating __ Indigestion

__ Sore throat frequently __ Mucous in stool __ Insomnia __ Rectal itching __ Soft/watery stools __ Intestinal disorders __ Achy or swollen joints

__ Light colored stools __ Low blood sugar __ Fingernails split or peel horizontally __ Thick, dark stools __ Low energy __ Use laxatives

__ Slow pulse (below 65) __ Low sex drive __ Weak muscles __ Pulse fast at rest __ Mood swings __ Feel slightly shaky or lightheaded

__ Feeling insecure __ Muscle cramps __ Use diuretics __ Headache over eyes __ Over-acid stomach __ Little white specks on fingernails

__ Sensitive to touch __ Poor circulation __ Diabetes __ Tendency to hives __ Poor eyesight __ Loss of taste, smell or hearing __ Low initiative

__ Poor memory __ Feet hurt in the morning __ Sciatic or hip pain __ Restless sleep __ Canker sores or cold sores __ Overweight

__ Shortness of breath __ Unexplained rashes __ Highly emotional __ Snoring __ Fungus infections (Athlete’s Foot) __ Crave caffeine

__ Sinus problems __ Vaginitis or “jock itch” __ Excessive periods __ Skin problems __ Upset stomach after eating __ Frequent periods

__ Stiff joints __ Nauseated when nervous or hungry __ Missed periods __ Thyroid problems __ Neck, shoulder, or arm pain

__ Weakness after a cold __ Tired after eating __ Uncomfortable in the cold __ Weakness after flu __ Ulcers __ Trembling fingers __ Hot flashes

__ Underweight __ Dry, brittle or thin hair __ Muscle exhaustion __ Varicose/spider veins __ Uncomfortable in hot temperatures

__ Nervous exhaustion __ Wake up feeling tired __ Feel extreme thirst often __ Afternoon headaches __ Water retention

__ Want a nap in the afternoon __ Morning headaches __ Yeast infections __ Low blood pressure __ Wounds heal slowly __ Dizziness or fainting

__ Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia __ Rapid digestion __ Ear infections __ Ankles swell at end of day __ Sluggish digestion

__ Poor sense of smell __ Legs feel heavy __ Easily startled __ Gallbladder removed __ Shallow breathing __ Unable to relax __ Appendix removed

__ Chronic cough, sore throat, mucous __ Frequent vomiting __ Prostate problems __ Frequent or painful urination __ Sigh frequently

__ Urinate frequently __ Symptoms doctors cannot diagnose __ Afternoon “yawner” __ Lower back pain __ White coating on tongue

__ Tightness in chest __ Wounds heal slowly ____ Subtotal for this column ____ Subtotal ____ Subtotal

____ Total of all your points

____ Initial here if you are sick of feeling this way and are ready to make a change.


Just like leaky windows and cracking walls are not normal for a wellbuilt house, the items marked on a Symptom Survey are not “normal” for a healthy body. They are signals from your body that something is not right and needs your attention. If you have even one checkmark, the DAILY 7 can help.

We slowly go from feeling energetic, healthy, and vibrant to having occasional symptoms because the cells in our body are becoming irritated. Left untreated, these symptoms begin to occur more frequently and with greater intensity. The symptoms on the survey you filled out are common in our society, but they are not normal. 

Choosing to live is not being selfish

In the Bible God gives people some options. In Deuteronomy 30, He said, “I have set before you life and death… now choose life.” The best part about this quote is that God gives us the freedom to choose. He suggests we choose life.  Some people, especially parents, think that investing time and money in their personal health care is selfish because they think it takes away from their families.

Taking care of yourself is the least selfish thing you can do for the people you love.  Without your health you are not able to participate in their lives in the same way you can if you are healthy. 

How does a flight attendant on an airplane describe the procedure for using the oxygen masks? He or she tells you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. This is the same with your health – take care of yourself first so that you can help others. 

Where are you on this health scale?

Normal Body Function, Few or No Symptoms:  At the 100% - 75% health level, a person has no symptoms of ill health but the tissues may be in the beginning stages of illness.

Abnormal Body Function, Occasional Symptoms, Multiple and Ongoing Symptoms, Possible Organ Damage:  From 75% to 50% health level, the body begins to show multiple symptoms, but the negative output from these symptoms is either tolerable or, for some, not even noticeable.  The body is no longer functioning at optimum levels.

Acute Symptoms, Organ Damage:  It is at the 50% to 25% health level where most people seek medical assistance. Symptoms are not only multiple, but may be increasing in frequency. If ignored or mistreated, this level of ill health may lead to organ or tissue damage. Most serious illnesses manifest at this point.

Terminal Illness, Death:  From 25% to 0% health level, the organs and bodily systems are damaged so severely that illness flourishes and the affected organs begin to shut down. Without recovery, death is imminent.

What % Health do you want to be?   


The foods we eat are hard for our bodies to digest.  To digest means to break the foods down from chunks into microscopic particles so that you can get the nutrients out of the food and then eliminate the waste from it.  Undigested food does not allow nutrients into the other body tissues because they aren’t microscopic enough to be taken in by the bloodstream. The decaying food releases acids, which create an acidic environment.  Instead of getting necessary nutrients from digested foods, the body gets bacteria and acids from undigested food.  As the colon clogs up with undigested foods, it becomes very toxic and irritated. Because the rotting food is only partially digested and sticky, other foods coming through will also get stuck in the colon. Toxins, which are microscopic, can easily be carried into the other tissues via the bloodstream. As a result, the body becomes both malnourished and very toxic. 

We don’t know and understand enough about the basic needs of our body. We need basic education about how our bodies work and what nutrients we need to fuel it daily for the rest of our lives. No one has ever taught us the basics of nutrition and what we need to eat on a daily basis. It is challenging to make healthy food choices when we don’t understand the basics. With so many companies producing nutritional supplements, we don’t know what to pick.  Then, we don’t know what to do with the supplements once we get them. Eventually, we give up.

The result is 7 miserable conditions: we become toxic, malnourished, under-oxygenated, over-acidic, dehydrated, tired, and in pain. If we could know the secrets about how to alleviate these seven conditions, we might not be so sick.

How Is My Body Supposed to Work?

If a person’s body is healthy, the carbohydrates in the food he or she eats are digested by enzymes in the mouth’s saliva, the proteins are broken down in the stomach by enzymes and HCl (stomach acid), and the fats are emulsified (digested) by bile that is created by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.  After the foods are reduced from chunks into a milkshake consistency by the mouth, stomach, and liver/gallbladder, the pancreas secretes more enzymes to further break the food down into microscopic particles (liquid food). This liquid food, which should be full of vitamins and minerals, then travels through the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed and taken to the rest of the body via blood vessels. The undigested food particles and water are released into the large intestine through the ileocecal valve. The appendix then lubricates the fecal matter so that it can go up the ascending colon. From there it goes across the transverse colon, down the descending colon, through the sigmoid colon, and out through the rectum. During this process, water is reabsorbed through the walls of the large intestine and filtered or excreted by the kidneys.

The small and large intestine are connected via the blood stream to specific organs. The colon has millions of capillary blood vessels that absorb either nutrients from properly digested food or toxins from rotting and undigested food. Whatever is absorbed is taken via the bloodstream to the millions of other tissues and cells in the body.

Colon in Crisis

If our digestion is working properly and we are getting plenty of good nutrients, then the rest of the body will be well. If our digestion is not working well and we don’t get good nutrients, then the only things the rest of the body receives are toxins.  Do you understand now why people can be so sick?


What Is Inside of You?   What Health Problems are those toxins Causing?

During colon cleansing many people have passed what is called “mucoid plaque”. This sticky, rope-like substance is made of old fecal matter. You can see why an unhealthy intestinal system would be the perfect environment for illness to thrive. Experts say it takes ten, twenty, or even thirty years to build a serious illness. That’s probably because it took that long for the colon to clog up. The body eventually becomes so toxic that cells become poisoned and begin to malfunction. Can you see why colon cancer is the second leading cause of death?


What Is The Solution?                  3 EASY STEPS TO HEALTH


If you had a trashcan that you never emptied, what would happen? Eventually, the trash would start to overflow.   Bacteria and mold would form on the rotting food. Flies would start to appear, then bugs. The smell would be awful.  Your body has five trashcans: the colon, lungs, kidneys, liver, and skin. When your trashcans get full, they don’t get to overflow, so the toxins are stored in your tissues or circulate throughout the body in your fluids. Acne, for example, is an indicator of a full trashcan.  Body odor and foul smelling bowel movements are examples of overflowing trashcans. Wouldn’t it be better to empty the trash?  Everything in life needs to be in balance. Balance means that each system is working properly, both individually and in conjunction with other systems. An imbalance in any of our systems can result in an unhealthy environment inside your body that is over-acid, over-toxic, under-oxygenated, and under-nourished (malnourished).


Our bodies are sending us thousands of messages every day. Some messages are good and others are not. Negative symptoms are a body’s cry for help. We need to pay attention to the messages our bodies send us and then take appropriate action. Knowledge of how the human body functions combined with awareness of how our personal body is actually functioning helps us to maintain optimum health.


Give your body all the nutrients it needs by supplying yourself with three healthy, balanced meals, and plenty of pure water. In addition, fortify your diet with a full spectrum of supporting elements, such as enzymes, greens, fiber, probiotics, vitamins/minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.  “The fact is, an apple a day won’t keep the doctor away. Today you need to supplement your apple and the rest of your wellbalanced diet with high-quality nutritional supplements.”

- Dr. Ray D. Strand


L E T ’S  GET  B A C K  TO  L I V I N G

We’ve all seen or even tried programs that were complicated, restrictive, expensive, or unproven. The DAILY 7 has demonstrated great results with thousands of people. Plus, it is simple and affordable. Health does not have to be a mystery. Even though you may need to consult with healthcare providers occasionally, you will not be totally dependent upon them.  The DAILY 7 was developed to help people become more involved in their own healthcare.

The DAILY 7 Nutrition for Life Program is an affordable, self-help system of knowledge that you can learn in the privacy of your own home, with a buddy, or with a Trainer. This knowledge could potentially save you thousands of dollars in health care costs over your lifetime.  No one will take the time and attention it takes to get you and your family well the way you will. Doctors specialize in the detection of disease and many other important medical issues, but they simply do not have the time to make sure you are doing everything necessary to optimize your health.

Let’s not put the burden of responsibility totally on our healthcare providers. The responsibility for our health is ours.  This cycle of dependency on others is a dilemma. The solution lies in a well-balanced personal approach to well being.  Once you realize that you are your best healthcare provider, you will be set free from a dependency on someone else for all the answers.  When you get a cut on your finger, it is not the bandage that heals the cut. It is your body that heals the cut. Sometimes our bodies need help, but in general, if you give your body what it needs, it will be able to take care of itself.


The DAILY 7 Nutrition for Life Program

Now, let’s look at the acronym for DAILY 7 as the new lifestyle approach to relieving the things we have talked aboutup to this point. Memorize this acronym and you’ll be able to do this program every day with ease.

D=  Digest your food with ENZYMES.  Avoid the bloating, belching and discomfort after mealtimes by activating your digestive system.  With helpful eating tips and a key nutrition supplement, you can be certain your food is being digested and is not contributing to weight gain or digestive problems. 

A= Alkalize and Absorb with GREENS.  It is difficult to be healthy and obtain optimum weight when your body is not efficiently absorbing nutrients from the foods you eat. The DAILY 7 will show you how to increase absorption by cleansing your digestive tract and balancing your pH levels with the help of one key nutritional supplement.

I= Intestinal Cleansing with FIBER and PROBIOTICSImprove overall well being with a healthy intestinal system.  Be certain you are eliminating each day’s waste while gradually cleaning out old waste. This can be accomplished by experiencing two to three healthy bowel movements per day with the aid of colon health tips and two important supplements.

L= Listen to your body.  Thousands of people are on the DAILY 7 and yet no two do it the same way. Learn how to listen to your body’s signals, what foods are best for you, and how to recognize your particular stress factors. Discover which supplements are right for you, how often to take them, and even how many of each to take.

Y= Your Food Choices.  Supplement your healthy diet with VITAMINS, MINERALS, ANTIOXIDANTS and ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS.  Learn how to choose three balanced meals per day that are easy for your body to digest and provide additional support with high-quality nutritional supplements.

7= 7 key concepts every day for optimum health.  Everyone likes a good secret. These seven secrets for living a healthy life should not be kept a secret any longer.


It’s simple:  Eat 3 well-balanced meals, drink plenty of pure water

and take the following 7 power-packed nutrients each day

   These 4 supplements will cleanse your body

                    • ENZYMES

          • GREENS

       • FIBER

                           • PROBIOTIC                 

 These 3 supplements will nourish your body


                       • ANTIOXIDANTS

                                         • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS


How would you like to retake your symptom survey

in a few months and  see dramatic improvements?

You can, simply by implementing what you learn in this book (we suggest ordering your own copy of this workbook either in printed or ebook so that you can see the complete workbook and be able to chart your progress) and getting started on the DAILY 7 supplements. Here are just a few of the traditional benefits that these seven supplements in this program may bring to your life. (These  statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, please see the disclaimer on the disclaimer page) 

Enzymes – Improves digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, better absorption of nutrients into the rest of the body, better calcium absorption, increases bile production to digest fats, helps with removal of toxins from the body, kills ingested parasites and microbials, anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, helps prevent blood clots, alleviates pressure on nerves, cleans out undigested food, eliminates metabolic waste and putrefied fecal matter, reduces food and seasonal allergies, helps to prevent overgrowth of parasites and yeast, helps with indigestion, belching and bloating, constipation or diarrhea, fights fatigue and provides increased energy, lessens headaches, improves resistance to infections. 

Greens – Contains a complete range of vitamins and trace minerals, benefits the nervous system, promotes growth of “good guy” intestinal flora, detoxifies kidneys and liver, cleans the arteries, exhibits cholesterol-lowering effects, alleviates stiffness and joint pain, helps nourish and oxygenate the entire body, excellent source of nutrients for growth and repair, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, supports the immune system, contains over 90 minerals and antioxidants, purifies and alkalizes the blood, cleanses the colon and liver, relieves symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia, hypertension, and ulcerative colitis, used as a treatment for several chronic illnesses, antiviral, anti-allergic, a rich source of protein with all essential amino acids, a rich source of GLA (gamma linolenic acid) that is important for growth and development, improves cardiovascular health, reduces unhealthy levels of homocysteine, can protect against fatty deposits in the liver, increases stomach acids necessary for digestion, may prevent the growth of cancerous tumors, powerful vision-protecting antioxidants, may reduce the risk of colon cancer, helps prevent heart disease, promotes vision health, can reduce the risk for developing macular degeneration, may have properties to counteract the effects of smoking, a good blood tonic and systemic cleanser.

Fiber – Plays a protective role in cardiovascular health, helps to lower blood pressure, helps to lower cholesterol levels, thought to decrease fasting insulin levels, resulting in decreased obesity and hypertension, decreases bowel transit time, helps balance blood sugar, provides a sense of fullness to reduce appetite, helps to cleanse colon and absorb toxins, may help control appetite, prolongs fullness, may reduce the risk of heart disease, useful for managing constipation and diarrhea.

Probiotics – Assists in the digestion of foods, aids in absorption of nutrients, prevents colonization and reproduction of bad bacteria, promotes a balanced intestinal tract, beneficial during attacks from viruses and food poisoning, beneficial for some types of cancer, reduces strain on liver, beneficial for healthy bowel function, may alleviate digestive inflammation, helps maintain healthy lining on the intestinal walls, reported to have immune strengthening properties, antibiotic capabilities, helps the body to eliminates nitrates, defends against invading harmful microbes and yeast, lowers cholesterol levels for heart health, antibiotic against foreign invaders (particularly yeast), decreases intestinal permeability, defends against foreign bacteria, may help inhibit Helicobacter pylori colonization (a bacterium that causes digestive illnesses) supports anti-inflammatory response, promotes intestinal regularity, restores healthy bacteria populations in the intestines, acts as antioxidant scavenging for free radicals, reduces allergies, fights infections, delivers dramatic improvements in nutritional uptake, improveselimination of waste, helps regulate estrogen hormone balance, improves utilization and absorption of calcium, promotes women’s urogenital health, reduces duration of diarrhea, helps repair stomach ulcers, reduces the risk of some cancers.

Multi-Vitamin and Minerals – Increases energy levels, enhances endurance, antioxidant, detoxifies cells, lowers cholesterol, balances the body’s pH, increases immunity, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, reduced risk of heart disease, stimulates metabolism, beneficial for treating degenerative diseases and aging.

Antioxidants – Reduces the risk of cancer, exhibits anti-tumor activity, enhances immune system function, helps to prevent auto-immune diseases, helps build bone mass and prevent bone loss, protects against muscle weakness, helps to prevent heart disease, enhances immune system function, contributes to bone growth, relieves pain, improves vision, may improve macular degeneration, improves metabolism, prevents oxidative damage associated with heart disease, may reduce the risk of heart disease and arthritis, helps relieve symptoms of the common cold and recurrent ear infections, supports upper respiratory tract health, anti-viral, stimulates the immune system, reduces damage due to free radicals, slows the aging process, protects against atherosclerosis.

Essential Fatty Acids – Important component of human cellular membranes (especially those in the brain and retina), anti-inflammatory, strengthens immune system, reduces risk of myocardial infarction, aids stroke patients, lowers LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), raises HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), lowers triglycerides that cause cells to stick together, balances body chemistry, reduces symptoms of allergies and asthma, helps to relieve depression, may reduce enlarged prostate, helps glaucoma, relieves symptoms of hives, helps with infertility, aids healing from kidney disease, helps improve lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, reduces menstrual cramps, alleviates migraine headaches, aids psoriasis, calms ulcerative colitis, possibly reduces risk of some cancers, reduces blood pressure, relieves tender joints and morning stiffness, helpful with Crohn's disease, reduces depression by raising serotonin levels linked to healthy moods.

 Is This Program Affordable?

Yes, yes, yes!

After listing all of your symptoms and seeing all of the benefits of this program, it’s easy to see that a simple daily program of eating properly and supplementing is well worth the financial investment. Remember, taking care of yourself is the least selfish thing you can do for those you love.

Feeling well involves making informed choices and a financial commitment to your health.

Pause for a moment and think about all of the illnesses you have experienced and how much money you have spent on prescription drugs, over-thecounter medications, doctors visits, and missed days at work. Even if it isn’t about all the money you have spent, just think about how miserable it is to feel sick.  Wouldn’t you rather feel good?

Over the last 20 years of working with clients, we have seen hundreds of different health conditions. We have found the DAILY 7 concepts to be consistent with the needs of almost every client. Yes, it does cost money to eat right and to supplement, but it is important to realize that cutting corners with your health could cost you a lot more in the future. Every dollar spent now could save you thousands of dollars in missed work, medications, doctor visits, operations, lab work, tests, etc., not to mention pain and suffering. Health care costs are skyrocketing, but if you will work at preventing ill-health, you might avoid giving the hospital your money. Why not give your money to yourself first?

One Definition of Insanity:

“I can keep doing what I’ve always done and expect different results.”

Something has to change. You have potential to experience radical improvements in your health and weight simply by changing a few things in your life. One of the hardest things to change is the misconception that you can turn your health over to someone else and he or she will make you well. It is your body and it is your actions that determine how you will spend the rest of your life. Ask questions of people who have the answers, but take responsibility for yourself. 

Many people are in predicaments with their health and weight because of poor choices or lack of knowledge. By making educated changes, you can see permanent results. So lets get started.  You can either choose to read more of the chapters on this website, order your own printed or ebook version or sign up for our free emails.  By ordering the DAILY 7 SuperPack you will save money and have every thing you need to get started on the program.  Please see the products tab on this website for ordering information.  Whatever you decide we wish you the very best with your health!  

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