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Are you sick or in pain?  Have you been running from doctor to doctor trying to find answers to your health?  Have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on tests and still don't know what is wrong?Do you struggle with your weight no matter how much you diet?


My name is Jodi and I have had serious health problems my entire life.  This website is full of the all natural things that I did to get myself well.  I have a passion to help others who don't know where else to turn.   


Here's my story...


When I was about 2 years old I had a 100 lb door fall on me and completely compress my spine.

My mom called my pediatrician and all he said was she is fine if she stopped crying.  kids are pretty resiliant as you know so of course I eventually stopped crying and fell asleep.  I later found out when I was in my 30s that I had 7 herniated discs from that door falling on me. 


When I was about 8 years old I was in gymnastics class and did a flip on the balance beam.  When my foot came down it slid off the beam and I landed very hard with the beam hitting my right leg and groin.  I remember that I wasn't able to walk for three days but my pediatrician said I was fine.  Again I found out when I was in my 30's that I had a pelvic fracture and that my hip was knocked slightly out of the socket from that fall.


My body was developing with a severly damaged spine and a dislocated hip, I couldn't sit, stand or lay straight so everything began to hurt.  My mom took me to another doctor because my ribcage hurt so bad that I couldn't breathe.  He looked me over and basically said that I must have sprained my ribs somehow and that it would just take time for them to heal.  He never even took xrays. 


Three years later is when all the severe pain started.  I started with intense back pain, my breathing was getting more and more difficult.   I had right hip and leg pain, headaches, allergies and chronic bronchitis.  My bowels hardly worked at all, when I ate I would get such a backache that I would have to quit eating.  I started having trouble not being able to sleep which really started a major downhill spiral. 


I began seeing Chiropractors when I was 11 and was told by one of them that I was in such bad shape that if I didn't take serious steps to correct my posture that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 40. 


 I didn't know what to do, I just kept praying and asking God for guidance.  I spent so many nights awake in severe pain that the world seemed very dark and I felt very alone.  Many people tried to get me to go on pain pills but I knew whenever I took them that it would just cover up the symptoms and would do nothing to correct the problem.  I didn't want to become dependent on medications, I wanted to be well.


When I was in my early 20s a medical doctor put a series of cortisone shots in my spine and right hip so that my chiropractor could hopefully get them to adjust.  Once again it didn't help, in fact it was probably one of the worst things I could have done because the cortisone felt like it never got out of my spine.  My chiropractor then referred me to a massage therapist to try to break up the scar tissue.    Massage and Chiropractic helped but nothing really got to the problem.    Just a year later I went to school to become a massage therapist and opened my own health center. 


Throughout the course of 20 some years of doing massage and having worked on thousands of clients with all different health problems I have found many other natural therapies and products that have dramatically improved and corrected my health problems as well as many of my clients. 


With the help of a great friend of mine we put together the DAILY 7 Nutrition for Life Program which you can read about on the other pull down tabs.  This was one of the amazing things that turned my entire digestive system around and got me back to being able to eat food again. 


Prior to The DAILY 7 supplements I was not able to eat any solid food because my digestive tract would go in spasm and cause my entire spine to lock up. 


Another great tool that helped me on my journey was the IonCleanse Machine.  It was very powerful in pulling out the constant toxins that were building up in my body because of not being able to breathe or empty my colon.   


In 2006 I found the SCIO Biofeedback machine that literally caused my entire body to learn how to destress and relax, this was a huge part of my healing process.  The machine is quite pricey but I feel like it was a major part of my healing and wouldn't sell mine for anything. 


All of these wonderful tools and people helped to keep me going but I was still not able to get my spine to unlock and get my ribcage to expand so that I could breathe properly. 


My body was swelling up with fluids and I was still slowly suffocating.  I was crying and praying one day and told the Lord that I didn't think I could take much more pain and that I needed him to help find something that could loosen up my spine.   


The same week I prayed that prayer I received a phone call from a gal who was calling health practitioners out of the phone book.  She introduced me to the alkaline ionized water and my life has never been the same.  It was the answer that tied all my other healing tools together. 


I started on the water and within two days I could once again get my rings off my swollen fingers which I had not been able to do for years.  My massage therapists were able to start breaking up the scar tissue, my pain starting decreasing and my chiropractor was able to get things to adjust that never ever moved before. 


Prior to the water I could never sleep for more than three to four hours at a time and after only 5 weeks on the water I started sleeping a minimum of 7 hours and some nights up to 11 hours.  Can you imagine how tired my mind and body were from not sleeping for most of my life?


My health journey is not over yet but I have improved all of my health conditions and feel I have regained my life and sanity.  I finally feel like there is hope and that I don't have to live the rest of my life in pain and illness. 


Oh, by the way, remember how I was supposed to be in a wheelchair by age 40?  Well I'm currently 44 years old and run a full time health center.  I'm not only not in a wheelchair but I can walk, rollerblade and bike ride.  I haven't tried running yet because I don't think my spine would like the jarring but I do have a goal to one day do gymnastics again.  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself it we give it the right things and take time to heal.  Don't give up hope,  start on your way to a healthy happy you.


Please take the time to check out the other tabs on this website and invest time and money into restoring your health.  It does take money unfortunately but the option of doing nothing will cost you even more than money. 


I bless you on your journey toward health.  I run a full time health center in Colorado so I don't have a lot of spare time but I welcome emails with questions.  Please read through the website first before emailing as many of your questions will be answered here. 


If you are a health practitioner and would like to incorporate these tools into your business please give me a call and I will help you get started. 


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